Gloucestershire County Cricket League
Entering results and scorecards on the Play-Cricket system

24/3/14 updated for new play-cricket

Entering results and scorecards is the responsibility of the HOME team. However there is nothing to stop the away team entering the details; the advantage being that it helps the home team to do their duty and the away side can ensure their details and stats are accurate. And the AWAY team must check that its own player names have been entered correctly.


Stage 1 Entering the summary result and highlights

Stage 2 Entering the player names

Stage 3 Entering the scorecard

Stage 3a Putting a name to an "unsure" in the scorecard

Confirming results

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Stage 1 (entering the summary result and highlights) must be done by the HOME team by 10 a.m. on Sunday

Stage 1

After a game has been played you must enter the summary result and any highlights.

How? Figure 1 - Results search. Change the dates / teams etc. fields to see other results
Figure 2 - Summary result page

Some of the fields are mandatory in the summary, e.g. a result - winner or cancelled or abandoned, and if there is an actual win then both innings must have runs and wickets entered. Once you have entered the summary result and highlights you must click "Save". If you do not do that, play-cricket will not allow you to start etering teams and scorecards. If you click on "Save" but mandatory fields have not been filled in, play-cricket will tell you.

If you have an abnormal result and you seem unable to enter it (e.g. opponents didn't send a team, or match abandoned and subject to adjudication), please e-mail the details to the web administrator instead.

24/3/14. Web site administrator andyr2789 at gmail dot com

Stages 2 and 3 (players and scorecard) must be done by 6 pm on Wednesday

Stage 2 - Listing those who played in the game

You must enter both teams


Once a summary result has been entered and saved, you will see that the tabs at the top of the screen change, indicating which team and scorecard they select. Compare figure 2a below with the top of figure 2 above:
Figure 2a - The page after saving the summary result

You therefore need to click on the "confirm team" tabs

Because the League requires registered players to be in each club's play-cricket database and squads, all the registered names for your team and your opponents should appear in the lists pictured and described below.

Figure 3. This figure shows the screen you see when entering the teams. You are asked to do this for both teams.
Play-cricket tries to help you. It will copy a team from a previous game before you start.

The names do not have to be in batting order - the order can be altered on the scorecard. This is a great help if you have started with a team from a previous game, you only need to change the names of those who dropped out. But you do have to indicate who the captain was.

If a team is playing with less than 11, leave a name blank. Click on the "clear" dustbin symbol to erase a name filled in by mistake.

The list of names to select from, on the right, shows all the club's players registered for the League.

If the player's name does not appear in the list on the right, then the player is not registered to play in the County League. See below for what to do if you encounter an unregistered player.

Finally, click on “Save Team”

Run through this process for both teams.

Unregistered Players

  • In the process above, if the player is not listed, he or she is unregistered.
  • Firstly you need to put something in to complete the scorecard - use the "unsure" button, center top.
  • Secondly, if this is your club, you need to get the player registered by 6 pm Wednesday. See the web page on how to register players. You can then go back to the scorecard to fill in the correct name.
  • If it is an opponent who is unregistered, it is his club's responsibility to register the player by the deadline and update the scorecard. See below on how to replace "unsure" with a player registered after the game.

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Stage 3 - filling in the scorecards

To be done by Wednesday 6 pm

You now need to click on the "scorecard" tabs

In the batting line-up you will see there is a pick list for "how out" and for bowler and fielder. This makes filling in those details extremely easy and quick.

The names appear in the order as selected in the previous section. But beside each player you can assign his actual batting position if the names are not in batting order. Figure 4. This figure shows the screen you see when entering the batting.

Below this is the section to enter the fall of wickets and bowling analysis.

You can enter the fall of wickets if you wish.

You must fill in the bowling analysis section as well as you can.

Please fill in each batsman's score and the bowling analysis as accurately as you can. Often, we realise, especially if you have inexperienced scorers, the sums will not add up exactly. That does not matter, except that when you try to save the scorecard, 'play-cricket' will tell you so when you try to save the scorecard, with something like:

You can click "No" and correct the scorecard or simply select "Yes", leaving the inconsistency. We do not mind. If you want really accurate stats for your club then you need to correct it. There are lots of other details on the scorecard (e.g. 4's and 6's, fall of wickets, no balls against each bowler) which you can choose to fill in or ignore.

Apart from getting the names correct to check registration, GCCL will normally only use the scorecard to generate stats on best batsmen, bowler and fielder for the end of season awards. However if a result is disputed we may need a more detailed look at the scorecard.

Finally, click on “Save Scorecard”

Run through this process for both innings.

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Stage 3A - Putting a name to an "unsure" in the scorecard

To be done by Wednesday 6 pm.

Register the player if he isn't already registered.

Go back into edit the result, and click on "Confirm Team" for the team you are updating. You have to replace the "unsure" with the name in at least TWO places. This is the first:

Set the cursor in the "unsure" so it is highlighted as in the picture, then click on the player's name from the list on the right. In this example it was Garath Thomas. The name will replace "unsure". Click the "Save" button.

Now go to the batting scorecard for your team. This is the second place you must change:

The batting line up will still have "unsure" in it. But now when you click on the little down arrow beside it, you will see all the names of the team including the chap you have just added - see Garath Thomas is shown. Select his name. Click the "Save" button. Now the batting line-up is complete.

That is all the League requires, but you can go on to replace "unsures" in fielding and bowling fields to get the stats right.

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Confirming Results

You can “Confirm” to the League that the result is entered correctly. If both you and your opponent does this, it locks the result and the league tables are updated. If you fail to do this, the Results Officer locks the result anyway so that the tables and results displays get updated.


24/3/14. Web site administrator andyr2789 at gmail dot com