Gloucestershire County Cricket League
Entering a result and scorecard when a team has fewer than 11 players

Updated for new "play-cricket", March 2014.


The screen images below are from the pre-2014 play-cricket system. The new system does not look quite the same, but for the purposes of this "how to" guide the difference in appearance is not important.

When a team has fewer than 11 players you must leave the name space clear and not showing "Unsure" for the non-existent players, because "Unsure" is only for use when you are unsure who a player is, or if the player is unregistered. If a team with fewer than 11 is all out, then the result is recorded as if 10 wickets fell, and that is used for bonus points calculation. If the team is not all out, then the number of wickets that actually fell is recorded.

The example below illustrates these points. On 1st September 2012 Frampton-on-Severn 2nd XI had only 8 players.

This is the "summary" result page:

Note that Frampton are shown as having lost 10 wickets.

This is the screen for entering the Frampton team:

There are three gaps, and when the system prompted for a name, the person entering the result left the name space empty, leaving the display as shown. In the new play-cricket there is a dustbin icon beside each name which clears any entry there when it is clicked. When the batting card was later filled in, lines for batsmen 9, 10 and 11 showed no entry, and nothing was put in those lines. When you come to do this, you need to ensure the batting card is all blank for each non-person. See below:

In the second (How Out) column it may come up showing "Did not bat", which implies there must have been a person! But the drop-down list of options includes a blank - select that.

Please ensure you fill in the card in this way. You must not use "Unsure" because this does imply there was someone, and then League officials, in checking through scorecards, will expect a name and possibly a new player registration, with penalties if that doesn't happen.

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