Gloucestershire County Cricket League
Registering Players on the Play-Cricket system

Updated 2014 for the new Play-cricket version

Only players who have been registered using the method below may play in County League matches.

Rule 8 of the constitution states that players must be registered by April 23rd each year. The rule also allows for "late" registration by the Wednesday after a player's first game - this is done in the same way as described here)


Registering players

Seeing who you have registered

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Registering players

Each player who will play County League cricket for your club must be registered as a County League player

How? Figure 1 - Club Member list.
Figure 2 - Member's roles
Figure 3 - Registration form
Figure 4 - Completed registration form

To the right you can see the League(s) you currently play in that require player registration, and the status of an application, and that will say "Apply", "Pending", "Withdraw" and/or "Active". Click on "Apply" and this little pop-up appears:
Figure 4a - Request registration

You simply need to click on "Save". This will send a request to the League asking for the player to be registered to play for you.
This screen then reverts to your player's details, and the registration status should now show "pending".

Now go back to your player database to select the next person to be registered.

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Listing registered players

You can bring up a list of all the players you have registered

How? Figure 6 - List of registered players

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