Gloucestershire County Cricket League
Play-Cricket "Registered" and "Unregistered" users

This is just a short note to try to sort out an unfortunate ambiguity in the use of the term "registered" in play-cricket. When an administrator lists all his club members the display is as Figure 1:

Figure 1 - List of club members

Some of the names have an asterisk beside them and some don't, and the legend below the table says that
* = Unregistered user
In the search box at the top of the list labelled "User Type", you can select "Registered" and "Unregistered".

Unfortunately, these uses of the word "registered" have nothing to do with registering a player to play in the County League. They simply mean that the person has a play-cricket sign-in name and password.

This confusion has always existed in play-cricket. When the new play-cricket system was being devised, there were a large number of people who suggested this was one thing that should be changed. It hasn't been, though it is much less prominent than it was before, when there was a big blue box on the home page that yelled "Register", meaning sign up on play-cricket.

To see which of your players is registered to play in the League, select "League Registered Players" in the box labelled "Role" at the top right of the display of club members.